Pros and cons of security cameras in parks

We’ve considered getting a set of cameras that comes with a DVR that stores what is recorded.  There is some drug dealing around the park, and some customers who park their car in the park and then walk to nearby homes where business takes places.  Also common stuff like people abandoning junk in the park, etc.However, at one of the bootcamps, someone, possibly Frank, brought up the idea that it may actually increase problems for the park owner.  Like the existence of cameras implies someone is monitoring them, and gives a false sense of security.Thoughts?  As always, thanks to all :slight_smile:

Cameras may imply something it is not and some may get a false sense of security but businesses use them to protect their properties. If you have a legitimate reason to install cameras (drugs are way up their) go ahead and install them. If you wish you can send a notice to tenants explaining the purpose so they do not get the wrong message.My policy is to put my business needs first and educate my tenants as needed. Besides it may be your own tenants you need to protect yourself from.