Property Manager in Oswego County

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Thank you in advance for any help.

I’m currently under contract on a mobile home park in Oswego, NY and I was curious if anyone had property management company recommendations in that area. Please let me know.

How big and have you considered someone on-site? I’ve found exactly one PM in my experience who knew their way around parks and even then, they cost something slightly north of 10% of gross. We do it all in-house with the help of someone on-site (rent break or salary depending on park size)

42 units. We typically use someone on-site as well. I just thought it might be worth it to put some feelers out and see what comes back for PM companies. How big is your operation if you do in-house? Thanks for the reply!

Most management companies do not know how to manage mobile home parks, so most owners self manage through their own staff.

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