Properly paying short-term employees; workman's comp; liability; etc

Let’s say you hire some locals for a park turnaround, or occasionally pay residents for light work - painting, picking up trash, that kind of thing.If you want to do it completely by the book both in terms of the tax man and minimizing your own liability, what is the quickest way to do it, even if it costs a little more?Are there services that will do it for you for a reasonable skim?  will they then take care of the 1099, etc?Thanks as always,HPD

There is a theory called “the Pro vs. the Schmo”. If you hire the “Pro” they will do the job right, have insurance, but cost more. If you use the “Schmo” (the park tenants) they will do the job wrong, create all kinds of liability claims, and then you’ll have to hire the “Pro” to fix it in the end. The bottom line is that the Pro always beats the Schmo, and you should use only licensed contractors with insurance. Don’t believe me? Ask Kurt Kelley for some of his stories that began with the park owner trying to cut corners and hiring bozos that live in the park for $2 an hour and all the beer they can drink.