Procedure to Ban Tenant from the Park

I inherited a situation where a foreman for a large construction company leases several trailers in the park I just acquired. He stuffs 2 bd units with 4-6 people. They are mainly hispanic single young men and they are very loud & stay up all night blasting their radio and drinking, talking loudly etc without regard to any other park resident. Just this last weekend they stayed up to 3 am partying as I described, dropping beer bottles all over their lot & running over a telephone cable box.

I intend to non-renew them & would like to know the procedure to ban them from the park. Since the foreman has other trailers occupied by similar, but less noisy construction workers, I anticipate he will just sneak them in 1 or 2 of the other units he rents.

Thanks in advance for your help

You need to call the police when this happens. Let them deal with it. It is against the law to play loud music at 3 AM, and they are probably also guilty of drunken disorderly conduct. The police would either give them a warning or arrest them. Either way, the problem is eliminated and, if they repeat it, call the police again and this time they’ll probably arrest all of them.

I would let an attorney handle the non-renewal – at the least the first time out – so you do not violate any laws in doing so. Another option is to call the guy who rents the trailers and tell him that you’re going to kick out all three if he does not do what you want. Law down the law on what is allowable and what is not and, if he can’t hit those goals, get him out of there.

Every park owner has a little of this going on in every park. You have to decide when this type of tenant situation starts damaging the park by scaring off the other tenants, and then get them out of there. If you have four guys to a bedroom and they are quiet as church mice, then it’s probably OK to let it slide, But the behavior you’re talking about could cost you a bunch of neighbors, so better to get them out fast than lose three decent tenants who can’t stand the noise and problems.

You own the park and, therefore, hold all the cards. Every tenant only lives there at your desire. The only thing that holds most park owners back from getting rid of all troubled tenants is the cost to re-fill the lot. When the problems outweigh the lot rent, then it’s time to pull the plug on the tenant.

Disclaimer: I’m a novice, so I may be off base.

I agree with Frank about letting the police handle it, but I would also look into getting a criminal trespass warrant (ctw) against the problematic individuals. I’m going through a similar situation (only imagine almost an entire park full of problems).

You said that you intend to non-renew them. Is your lease with the tenants or the home owner? We’re making all of our leases with the home owners because they’re the only ones with something to lose (we can evict their home). We make them responsible for dealing with their own tenants, including the costly process of eviction if they violate Park Rules. The landlord is also responsible for damage to Park property that’s caused by their tenants.

If your lease is with the tenants, who don’t own the home, I don’t know how much recourse you’d have against the titled home owner. I could be off-base, but that would be a concern for me. I want my lease with someone wo has some skin in the game.

I would also make it clear to the owner that if you catch any of the prohibited individuals living in one of his units, you’re evicting the home. We’re dealing with one right now that is rented by a guy who was arrested for making meth and crack; he had 5 guns in the home, including a sawed off shotgun. We sent a 60-Day Notice to Vacate to the lot (because we had no lease). The notice is up and I told the home owner yesterday that we were preparing to evict her home. She told me to go ahead and get rid of the guy. I told her that I’d be getting rid of her home. I’m not dealing with her problem at my expense.

I hope that made some sense. And again, I’m brand new at this and having more than my share of problems, so take it with a grain of salt and see what those with more experience have to say.

Cindy has the right approach. Get the police to deal with the residents and have a lawyer evict the owner of the homes.

You need to establish strict community rules and enforce them consistently otherwise you may as well turn a blind eye and let the community run itself.

Police every time, with that many squeezed in a home and running wild the home is probably trashed so with every police call you can hope they will find something to arrest them. After a few calls the police typically get angry at the rowdy people and they make their living situation very unhappy. They begin to look for drugs, firearms, driver’s license, so from my experience bad tenants usually have bad habits that get them taken to the poky:)