Procedure for Re-Papering a Park

When re-papering a park, which methods are suggested?  I’ve already notified each tenant that the park has been purchased by a new owner and that they will soon receive a new lease with new park rules.1.  Place lease with rules in each mail box and instruct each tenant to read and sign, then deliver to manager’s home by a certain date?  Call with any questions?2.  Visit each tenant individually with the lease.  Have them sign it on the spot?

We deliver large manila envelopes to each home. They in turn have all of the paperwork and instructions they can return the paperwork to the manager- or we provide a stamped envelop with our contact info on it so they can mail it to us. We also highlight each spot that needs to be completed. 

In most states, even if a resident does not sign a new lease or the Rules & Regulations, they become legally binding 30 - 60 days after you deliver them to the resident.-jl-

The only think I would add to Jims comment, in another industry, I was taught to not use highlighter at all on contracts .  This particular industry was notorious for steering so maybe it was more relevant but the example was that it was detracting attention from other parts of the contract ( granted not super applicable to just signatures) but that stuck. Don’t know if its driven by case law but made me think its worth it to just use those little sign here stickers all over the place. 

Do any of you get push back from residents refusing to sign a new lease and/or accept the new rules? I’m in WA and understand the laws here as such that I can’t for a new lease on someone when purchasing a park.  I can ask but they have the right to refuse it and I can’t enforce the new lease.  Rules on the other hand, I can change with a 30 day notice since that’s stated in their current lease.  I’d love to get people to sign a new lease on the park I recently bought so that everyone is on the same terms.

We have had tenants try to not sign a lease- and in that case we just non renew the home if we have issues with them. So it is not a pay or quit- it is ‘you have 30 - 60 days to move your home off my lot’. Sounds harsh- but if you really want the lease signed- give people the choice. Paying a couple grand to move your home is a bad choice… 

Jim I AGREE 100%. I do the same exact thing. And if they want to stay I have them sign that they agree to return all correspondence in the future if they want their month to month lease to be renewed.