Price Reduced on Seller Financed park!

Mom and Pop have lowered the down payment needed, AND I have reduced my assignment fee to help move this to closing ASAP! Check it out…

Invest $185k up front (i.e., down payment, assignment fee and closing costs). Sell for $900,000+ in 3-5 years. Nice profit!!

Available for assignment…but you must ACT FAST!

More than DOUBLE YOUR MONEY on this safe, quiet, rural 25-space mobile home park in the Binghamton, NY metro area!!

PURCHASE PRICE: $485,000 (includes Assignment Fee)

CLOSING: ASAP. I have already done some of the due diligence. Seller is anxious to close!


He’s sounds afraid he might end up owning it. Its NY. Its 25 lots. Its NY.

HI mPark–Thanks for sharing your feedback! A little harsh and judgmental, but each to their own. As for investing $185k up front…I contend that’s not bad if the end result is more than doubling the value of the park and profiting $500k+ on selling it in 3-5 years!! Oh…and this is a serious deal, not spam! Thanks!

Hmmm…not sure how you think assignments work, but with mine, if I don’t find a buyer I cancel the contract. Thanks for voicing your concern, though!

I interested could you send me more information on this park .