Possible Illegal immigrants

Hi all,

I am looking at a high density predominantly Hispanic park in a good size metro area.

Occupancy is pretty good and most of the trailers are the older smaller homes.

The current owner just did a little house cleaning for non payers but my main concern is with possibly aquring a park with a percentage of tenants without papers especially given the current political climate.

Any other folks that have experience in these types of parks?


I wouldn’t worry with it if your tenants are otherwise law abiding.

Are you held responsible in any way if they are caught. If not all you need to worry about is the vacancies when they crack down.
Is that a problem.

I had 44 units with a number of hispanic tenants who were all good payers but one night one apartment was raided and the tenants taken. With in a couple days 4 more units emptied without a word (in the night). That was pretty painful to have so many leave all at once. My advice is keep the ones you have now but do not add anymore. A few are fine but they can disappear quick. When you fill a vacancy make sure they are legal.

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