Possible Drug Dealer in Newly Purchased Park

Greetings All,

I just purchased a park two weeks ago in Florida. After spending some time there, an assistant and I have come to the conclusion that there is a possible drug dealer doing business there. He doesn’t appear to be too aggressive but is definitely athletically built and physically capable.

He had a broken window last weekend and blamed it on some guys in ski masks. I asked him to get a police report which I doubt he will do. I will get one my next visit there.

A few minutes of conversation with him definitely raised some red flags. He threw out a couple of crazy stories about himself and other comments about the trailer which were probably were meant to deflect attention and maybe even scare me.

I am fairly certain there is drug dealing going on: too many cars stopping in and driving off. With more confirmation, of course, I want him and his family to move out. They are currently behind on rent so I can use the eviction process. But what if they pay that up? It’s about $400. He is a member of a minority group and could possibly claim discrimination.

I want to be very careful here. I have contacted the police and they have referred me to a local police substation. My inclination is to not confront him at this point. Based on conversations with him and similar situations in the past, my sense is that he not be truthful and would obfuscate. What do you think is the best course of action? Thanks. Mike