POH routine maintenance

I’m doing rent credit programs in my park, so I’m on the hook if any major problems go wrong in the house.  What kind of preventative maintenance do you guys do on your homes?  I’m planning on having the sacrifical rod of every water tank that is over three years old inspected and replaced if severely worn.  I’m also planning on getting a box of correctly sized filters for every furnace, so the filters can be easily and cheaply changed out.  Anything else you guys do to save headaches from showing up down the road?

I have not done this in my POHs (yet) but back in the days when I had apartment buildings I found a very common problem – almost universal – was that the trap under the kitchen sink would leak and rot out the cabinets and floor underneath. I put vinyl flooring on the bottom of the cabinet under the sink and up the sides of the cabinet walls about 6 inches. Where the seams are in the corners, I caulked the hell out of it. I did in in such a way that when the sink leaked, the water would run out and drip on the feet of the tenants as they stood in front of the sink, so they would call me to complain. I never had to replace or repair a cabinet after that. 

A couple of things to note on maintenance.  Most regular or preventative maintenance (PM) is done based on either a time period or a meter reading.  I would contact the manufacturer of the home and get their recommended maintenance procedures and time frames and stick to them.  In the hospital industry, the trend is that the regulators are leaning heavily towards having us do PM strictly according to the manufacturers defined procedures and time frames thus removing any experience-based or economic-based decisions by us as to when PM needs to be done.  If any issue with your POH ever went to court and you could show that PM was done strictly according to manufacturers recommendations, then you would be off the hook for negligence or abuse.  While this is unlikely, and in my years with SFRs it never happened, it would certainly save a lot of headache to follow the manufacturers recommendations rather than make your own decisions thus assuming a degree of liability for the maintenance
Jim Allen.