POH insurance carrier? Self insured?

I’ve read about Kurt ?? as a insurance carrier. Any others?

Anyone gone the self insured route with liability only? I own 12 double wides around GA, no hurricans or tornado (much) risk. My carrier is giving me a pain to add new homes. I suspect they are weening themselves of new mobile home policies. I’m paying around $300/yr per home for $5k deductible stated value $55k. In otherwords I’m hardly getting anything for my premium (in my view).

Kurt Kelley writes nearly all our business (www.mobileinsurance.com).

But you might also try greenfelder-mh.com.

Your rates sound pretty good to me. You are getting coverage for around .6% of insured value ($300/($55,000-$5,000)). Our rates in the midwest (indeed, more tornadoes there) are around 1.5% of insured value (more than twice what you pay.

Interested to hear what others have to say,


Doing the same math in the Midwest I am at 1.7% with just 3 owned. Less volume… and less than 2 years since a EF4 tornado passed less than a mile away. I’ll pay 1.7%, that’s fine.