Pls help with a NADA quote

I’m just teaching myself how to do these, and want to make sure the numbers I’ve come up with are right.

Here it is:

1998 Horton Homes Mirage


State Adjustment/Region: ES

Condition Adjustment: Good

Land-Lease Community Adjustment: Standard


Are you looking for a wholesale value on this home?



I need the retail value, although I wouldn’t mind also knowing the wholesale value.

I’ve been trying to learn how to use this 2006 guide, and I feel like I should be learning it in a classroom. If the CDs are a lot easier to use, I’m considering buying them.

Thanks for your help.

with garden tub, vinyl siding, comp roof. This is aretail number…i sell these 19.9K del and set in FL…set up and del is 3400.



We use NADA every day. Banks have us email these for financing…best 150 i spent…do NOT order book only…that will make you crazy, get the CD


Thanks for the number. I am definitely going to buy the discs. I would have cost myself $1,000+ going by the book.

BTW, what does “del” stand for?

Thanks again

“del” means “delivered”