Plastic Vent Covers

Just a warning to all, A while back we tried using the plastic vent covers which are about 1/2 price from the regular metal ones… They don’t look to bad except for the lack of durability!

Yesterday we had a tenant fall though a vent cover in the kitchen on a unit that still had these installed, She was injured and it could have turned out very poorly for the company had the tenant place the blame on us. For a savings of $2.50 per cover one of our tenants was injured fairly badly, there is no reason this should have happened!

The quality of the product does not withstand being stood on, being placed in the floor makes this fairly critical IMHO… We replaced every one of the plastic type covers today with metal vent covers to insure there are no further injuries. Just wanted to pass this on, I’m a big fan of saving money, just not at the cost of someone else getting hurt.

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

some very good advice. I saw these in Georgia at a trailer supply place. They we advertised as “non sweating”.

Anyone involved in rehab knows the metal covers are almost always wet in the floors of mobiles. The cold air from the ducting cools the metal…the air inside is warmer and voila condensation (and rust).

I’m glad this had a happy ending Ryan. Could have been ugly!