Pit Bull

My manager is dealing with a very crazy tenant, who has a pit bull. My rules are no pit bulls, period. This tenant got the home association to back him up get him a lawyer and fight my 7 day rule violation on the pit bull. The lawyer said get a vet to write a statement that an American Stafordshire Terrier is also known as a pit bull so I called 5 vets they all said yes it is a pit bull, no I wont sign a statement.

Any one got any ideas, we need to get rid of this guy and I back my managers 100%.

You can just terminate his lease IF your not locked into a long term with him. This not not a notice to pay or quit, it just says I am not going to renew your lease, you must move in x days. Each state has its own laws, and some adjust if the home is a doublewide… That would be my move.