Pet poop

I’m on the verge of kicking out 3 people because they simply refuse to pick up their pet’s waste. We’re talking multiple piles of the stuff all over their yard. Fines and threats have not made any difference to these morons and the only recourse left to me is kicking them out. They’ve all been served with 30 day notices of a material violation and it just takes a 3 day notice of a further violation after 30 days has elapsed in order to permanently rid the park of them. Other residents pick up their pet waste daily and there’s is not problem. This is not a winter problem as I’ve had the same problems with them in the summer.

Anyone got any suggestions? I hate to lose the income/home but I can’t very well let this problem continue. Aside from being disgusting, it’s unfair and sends a bad message to the other residents in the park.



Wheat HIll