Peak To Peek Theory from Dr. Schuller

I am big on reading books of Champions. I have a number of books that have made a huge impact on my life and business. I wanted to share this thought to the group - especially people who are concerned about size of projects and what to do.

Dr. Robert Schuller has a Peek To Peak theory - he asserts you climb one PEAK, which allows you to PEEK at the next PEAK. I agree 100%.

Unless the universe just drops a 150 pad park with nothing down and great management in your lap, most of us have to start smaller - or with some work and turn things around. That is great! It allows us to follow the path of many.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Michael Dell, John Shnatter, the list goes on and on. Starting small - work efficiently to greatness.

Peak To Peek Theory - it works.