Partnership, Anyone?

Here is my situation:  Went to Frank’s Boot Camp in June, 2014 and actively looking for parks to purchase afterwards, but find myself stuck in 30-40 sites range ($500K price range with 25-30% down payment), I really hesitated to pull the trigger because deep down, I know that I want to buy a park(s) in 70-100 sites range.  So, here is my proposal:Looking for one or two business partner(s) to team up to achieve this goal!  If you are on the same boat with me, a first time want-to-be park owner, my requirements will be:a) have the capital to invest with meb) Went to Frank’s Boot Camp, or at least finished the Home Study Courses ( so we have the same knowledge and share the same principle of park investing )Of course, the seasoned park owners are always welcome. (Please PM me, so can talk in details.)My time frame is to purchase the first park in 90 days!  Happy Hunting!PS: If you find some grammar or spelling errors, please excuse my Chinglish, English is my second language.

Im interestedWhat is u contact information?Mike

It was nice talking to you, Mike. Shan