Partnership agreement and buyout

Hi Experts,

We are in a bit of pickle. My Dad invested in a MHP in the later 1990’s. He unfortunately passed away last year. There is very strong language in the MHP agreement that the other partners must buy out the partner after death. This MHP according to partners has not turned a profit. We offered to keep the partnership and long story short some of the partners want to stick with the initial agreement. We are awaiting a valuation and buy out offer. In the mean time we want to find someone to assist us in the process of evaluating the offer. We have financial statements from last year. The MHP started a 2nd company that refurbs MH and mortgage out the homes we have that information (so most homes been mortgaged not rented) . We believe there is value in both the land and the MH homes. The partners invested in all land improvement ( roads, pads, utilities, water etc). In addition to the MH homes. We may need to get a separate appraisal what would be your recommendations??

Thanks much,