Parks for Sale?

I have investors who are looking to purchase MHP in the southeast. Any suggestions?

would you be interested in a 32 space park in Orangeburg, SC?

Give me a call 843-870-3704



What criteria are you looking for? I know of several parks available in the Southeast.


Check loopnet/mobilehomeparkstore/MLS/Your Company=(Grubb-Ellis). Are you working with Investors or looking for Listings?

Hello All,

I am new to the forum/group and I have Questions about purchasing a park.

How do you value a park?

What if the park has apartments on it also?

My husband and I have some rental houses so we know the basics of renting, but has anyone found any big (bad) differnces between homes and MHPs? I would think that when you get down to it they are they same as far as running it, the only big difference is there is more money in MHPs. Am I wrong? Please tell me. We are just now thinking of buying a park so we are trying to get all the info we can get.

Also, if anyone knows of parks for sale in the S.Carolina area in the upstate please let me know.

Thanks all

Go to the MHparkstore. Ther are aleast two in the Greenville area, But the

deal is a little skinny’


I have a 76 lot Park with a 4 BR house in mid. Ga. That i purchased with owner financing ,and is coming up to be refinanced,

I will be possible looking for a credit/eguity partner , or possible be willing to sell if the price is right.

Ricky Roland

We have a small clean park in Houston for sale. It stays full and makes good money. 10 units Room for 3-4 more. Gross monthly is $4575.00 add three more and you could be over $6000.00

Anybody seen any offers from these “Investors”?

None on my end.


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Sorry everyone…

I am a Real Estate Broker in the Southeast, specifically South Florida and I have clients who are looking to purchase parks.

We have also been able to help many owners with the sale of their parks.

Please contact me if I can be of any help.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

William Rosenberg

I would like to talk with you about your park, if you want to sell

Please contact me about your park. I may be interested in the purchase.

Just email me if you would.