Park Under Contract--Manager Pay

Good Morning,

I have been lurking on this site since it’s inception, gathering much great information. I just got my first park under contract and have a few questions.

First, some background info. The park is 76 spaces, currently 50% occupied. It is on city sewer and water, (all lines are owned and maintained by the city, and billing is done by them also), and the park lies on city streets, which are plowed and maintained by them.

We are planning to have a P.O. Box for the tenants to mail in payments, and will not have to worry about reading meters, plowing snow or maintaining roads.

We envision the manager’s job as being our eyes and ears in the park and showing/selling homes as necessary.

What would be a good salary/incentive program for our manager, based on the above information?

Thanks in advance for the information.