Park signs- No trespassing

hi All - Do any park owners post signs to keep trespassers, solicitors , visitors etc from park property - specifically, can u require outside contractors, utility workers etc to check in at park office before working on the park property?  Looking to minimize potential liability from outside workers on park owned property ( util poles, service panels, common areas etc) -  thanks 

We don’t, but I’ve seen some very large well-run parks have signage that stipulates that all MH movers and other vendors must check in with the office.  Also the signage typically warns anyone that before they buy a MH, they must be approved by the office to live on the property.  These signs are typically posted out front near the entrance.Good luck,-jl-

We have NO TRESPASSING signs posted. I was told by a friend that they needed to be there to legally remove any NON park tenant trouble makers.