Park package for sale

I’m currently evaluating a package of parks for sale. I will likely only be interested in two (both city s/w) of the five parks for sale. That being said, the owner is in a bit of distress and is willing to unload everything at a massive discount. If there is anyone interested in the three others, which collectively amount to ~100 occupied lots generating over $320,000 of rent, please PM me. Two of those three are on package plant and the other is septic, and all three are on well water. They are all within 30 min drive of one another in the midwest.

My name is David. I would be interested in reviewing the info you have on the parks. My park is on a septic system and I understand some of those challenges.
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MPH, We are in the mid-west and have presently parks with wells and septic tanks that we owner-operate. Have the cash to close large deals. Please call 918-314-4574 for help in dealing with the parks you would not be interested in or if you need some help since we have 35 years of experience in owning many different parks in different locations.

I would be very interested in the info on the parks that you are not interested in. I currently am a park owner and understand the business well. I am in a great position to purchase and am actively looking to expand. I can be reached by phone at 320-333-3153 or by email at I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to making things work for you as well.

Still waiting MPH for information, thanks

Carl, do you have an email? Please PM me. Thanks.

MPH try using

Send over what you don’t want.

Hello, I am interested in this and think I could help. Shoot me email at if still available and still looking.