Park Owned homes insurance

I have been using a local agent for insurance coverage on my park owned units and when I ask him to shop the policy I get a sad story about how no one wants to insure my rental units and that I should be thankful for the high premiums and poor coverage. I find it hard to believe that no one wants this business cosidering three years with no incidents.

Anyone out there have any ideas for a good ole Geogia boy.


Sam I suggest you call Foremost Insurance Company directly, if that is not the company your agent is using. 1-800-237-2060.

I have been using auto-owners, they seem to understand the business.

I plan to be doing some shopping myself within the next 60 days ( keep me posted as to what rates you get) I am mostly interested in coverage from catastrophic damage that would affect multiple units. In talking with another park owner, I have found an agency that writes this type of coverage Purvis Ins. TX I can not recall the insurance company that they represent.