Park manager

How many sites are your park managers responsible for? I know some parks require more managment than others. The park manager work I’m talking about would be notices, applications, evictions, ap and ar. Thanks.

An on-site manager can handle up almost an infinite number of lots. We have one manager that handles around 500 lots in one park. We pay around $10 per lot plus free lot rent (or housing). You simply match up the size of the park with the duties and the pay.

Where is the best place to find an onsite manager? Craigslist? $10 per lot seems kinda pricey in my eyes… For a 60 pad park I was thinking $400 a week plus free rent… 

10 dollars per pad per month plus free rent.

Ohohohio,I think you misread the $10 per lot. That’s per month, not per week. So in a 60 lot park, that’s $600 per month plus free lot rent – which is way less than $400 per week. $400 per week is what you’d pay someone in a 160 lot park. But these numbers are strictly ballpark, and you might pay a manager of a 160 space park $2,000 per month, based on their duties and what the park requires.We try to select our managers from existing park residents, especially in small parks. We use Craigslist if we cannot find a good candidate inside the park.