Park Manager Payroll Advances

What are your policies on payroll advances to your manager?

What would your reasoning be for providing a advance.

Just say ‘no.’-jl-

Greg / Jefferson,I denied the request.  It has always been my experience that it never works out.  But after doing so, I became curious to see what policies other owners have regarding such requests.Thanks for the confirmation. 

Asking for a advance is a indication of money management issues. In particular no emergency reserves.I would be very cautious of this individual in the future. Do not trust him with cash and keep a close eye on his expences. 

We have had several times when we have forwarded pay or short term loans to our ‘longer standing’ managers. One broke his phone- we gave him the advance to get the phone, then flipped that into his Christmas bonus.One had a family member killed in an automobile accident, he needed bus fare and hotel money.One had a car accident in the snow and needed 2 new tires. I take a view of my managers they are more than people that work for me. I want them to have pride in the park, to take ownership of the grounds. I ask them to be engaged and involved and in return, I need to treat them as if they are more ‘invested’ in the community than just a employee. Have I been burned- yep. I have a past manager looking very hard at a 1099 he just got, probably scratching his head at why it is so high. Well, that loan because income and after giving someone a chance to pay it back, at some point it needs to be ‘accounted’ for. I had one manager get addicted to Meth. Even though she got fired, I offered to send her to treatment- for 18 months, and then give her the job back. Her husband kept working for me, and she put herself through treatment. 6 months later she was back managing and stayed for about a year. They got an offer at a much larger park, and have since left. She has since gone on to talk trash about the park she was managing for us, which hurt. I shake my head a bit but I know my side of the street. I walked through it with them, they were once grateful and maybe someplace down the road they will be more thankful and less critical. That is life- you do not always get back what you dish out…but here is the deal- I want to be treated with respect, grace, compassion, understanding etc… when stuff goes wrong I hope to take some time, get things fixed and step back up. I know how I want to be treated because I have been there- done that- I have the battle wounds. Some people judge me, some people ignore me, some just come up along side me and walk through the junk in my life with me. I get through stuff with the people that offer to walk through the fires of life with me… and that is who I choose to be to others- including my employees. You can go someplace to make more money for sure- but you will be hard pressed to go someplace that cares more overall… it is not the most profitable way to run a park, but if life was all about making more money- well, I would probably be doing something else and not what I like doing… food for thought… keep the change…

Very well put Jim. Thank you.

I have never been asked but In my prior biz i would advance money and take it off the check or it would be paid back.
Sometimes good people such as your loyal employees who oversee everything need someone to help them out. Help your employees from time to time, not all the time and it will come back 1000 times to you