Park insurance

Was curious to see what other park owners have determined their needs are with regards to insurance coverage. Here in Alaska I have only found one insurance company that will offer coverage. That has made it difficult to compare cost to benefit with the market place. I currently have one million worth of CGL coverage. I am new to this so not sure how that compares to others.

Alaska is an insurance market where few play.  However, Occidental and Axis are now writing there.  If you’re concerned you are paying too much or getting bad coverage advice, call me and I’ll give you my opinion 800-458-4320. x 17.  If you’ve got a good deal, I’ll let you know.  We are licensed in Alaska, too.Here’s a quick checklist for insurance coverage for park owners:1)  General liability 2)  Umbrella liability (if $1 million GL coverage is too little to make you comfortable)3)  Property Coverage - covers the value of your improvements such as buildings, sheds, contents, signs, above ground utility infrastructure like power pedestals, etc4)  Rental Home/ Park owned home property coverage5)  Loss of buiness income with extra expense, and extended loss of income coverage6)  Auto coverage - if you own cares and Hired/Non-owned auto coverage is anyone works for you that drives their own car, or you ever rent cars7)  Workers Compensation - if you have employees8)  Employment Practices Liability coverage - if you have employees 9)  Tenant discrimination coverageSincerely,Kurt

Hi Kurt, is there an insurance product that will cover private well system and septic failures?