Park for sale in alabama

I have a park for sale in alabama heres the quick numbers
42 spaces
20 park owned homes
2 owner owned homes
15 rented
5 need fixing
gross income in park is 5700
expenses are
water 550 monthly
mgmt 250 monthly
electric 75 monthly
trash 110 monthly

Netting 4500

assumable loan of 275k on park and 123k cash down

sale price 398k
Dont have any more time for it.
call for more details and pics or email

kevin easterly

Given you’ve excluded (realistic) repair costs for the POH’s, insurance, taxes, roads? etc I would venture to say you’re asking at least 250K +/- too much - irrespective of the occupancy issues - and that’s assuming you’re in a good market which you’re probably not since your POH rent is $380.

Put your Park up on and maybe you’ll find someone living close by wanting to get their hands dirty.

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For Sale: Cool Springs Park – Opp, AL
$685K cash. Owner financing available. May require price adjustment.
Seller can carry $300K for 3-5 years, potentially longer for $120K carry.
40 acres – 110 lots (20 occupied)Also permitted as an RV Park
9 Different parcels, 2 large on either side of lake, and several on residential street -Booth Blvd.
Built in 1992 – Paved roads, city water, sewer, and electric – Water sewer direct billed from City of Opp. Electric direct billed from City of Opp on East side and Covington Electric on West Side.
Believe all Water/sewer lines are PVC.
Water/sewer mains run into park.
City of Opp responsible for water lines to each meter and sewer from the main.
Not all lots have water meters or electrical boxes.
Currentl Income:
14 TOH at $200 per month
2 TO LT RV at $250 per month
1 RV at $250 per month
4 POH at $250 month lot rent and approx. $400 home payment. These are all RTO. Two of these coming online in next45 days.
1 ea 2 BR apt - $600 per month.
1 Tiny home in process of rehab.
2 MH ready to begin rehab.
2021 Clear Phase 1 Environmental report available upon receipt of acceptable offer.