Painting a Mobile Home

Friends -

When it comes to painting those old 1970s metal/metal trailers in your park, how do you do it?

Do you:

  1. Water/bleach clean it and paint on one coat with a roller for $400 - $500 per home? Or

  2. Power wash it w. TSP solution, spray a Bond Primer on, spray an enamel coat on, and then paint for $1,700 - $2,400 per home?

If you’ve gone the cheap route, how long has the paint lasted being painted-over the chalky paint underneath? And how has it held up in especially dry and sunny climates?

Many thanks,


I have a park with mostly early to mid 70’s mobile homes. I just pressue wash them and use a good paint. I use Sherwin Williams paint. I forgot the type of paint I used but the local Sherwin-Williams store can help you. Just tell them you’re painting on metal.

I believe the paint costs less than $200 (I get a contractors discount and the it’s around $22/gallon) per home.

I think I get a break on the labor as my son is the park manager and lives in a SFH in the park. On second thought, he might be costing me more!!

Anyway, the old homes look great. I even had people ask me if I put new homes in this park.

Dave Gerlach