Owners list in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota

I am looking to update my mobile home park owner’s list in the states above. I would need primarily addresses and maybe phone numbers. It’s a tedious process that I’m looking to outsource. Does anyone have any of these states covered or could point me in the right direction to purchase these lists? Thanks in advance.

Did you ever get any response? I’m looking for the same, but in different states. There’s gotta be a clearinghouse for that info.

Nothing - I ended up building my own.

That’s disappointing! You would hope to get some help from the Forum. Maybe it’s yet to come!

Do you have any tips for me as I start to develop my own list in states other than the ones you’ve researched?

Feel free to email me: gordoncgraham@gmail.com.


I have a list for Louisiana, if you need. I don’t have any other states

Hey Travis, What would be a good email to contact you at?