Owner PhoneNumber Search

What is the best source for phone numbers? Does Switchboard.com require a paid subscription to be useful?

Depending on the state you have an interest in. In Indiana there is a list of all licensed mobile home parks that show the owner name, address, and phone number along with the manager info.

Where did you find the list?

Google “Indiana mobile home park licenses” and it’s the first link.

Very nice… Thanks for the tip

FL also has a similar list.

Nice, what is the link to that one?

@Jlcgul come on now, we gave you good info. Now use the google powers to find the info.

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Yea, I did after I sent the message. Thnx for the tip.

The owner lists for Indiana and Florida have been helpful. I’ve been searching other state websites for similar lists with no luck. Are there any others out there?


Several states have them, you might need to be creative to get them. Figure out who regulates the parks in the state and check to see if they collect info from the owners. Most states do. Then, find the keeper of the list… A clerk in one state I really like gets a nice starbucks card every year with a note reminding her how much I appreciate the list she always sends… within a few days, my inbox is full…


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