Orange County, CA - MHPs - Looking for Networking & Potential Partners

I’m a real estate professional looking to build a mobile home park portfolio of my own.  Looking to network with others doing the same who live in OC, I’m in Newport.  Looking for out of state parks, using 10/20 model.  Potential for partnerships.  Anyone attending bootcamp in Costa Mesa next week?

My partner, Brad Johnson, is in your area.  Contact him through our website:  Yes, we are open to partnering with people that bring something to the table - deals, money, and/or a willingness to volunteer with us to learn the business.There is also a MHP mentoring group lead by Eli Call that is in the OC/SD area.  Google-around for that, or ask Brad.To your continued success,-jl-

Oh - and yes, both of us will be in the OC area next week for Bootcamp.  Brad is attending.  I may arrange a dinner.-jl-

I’ll be at the BC in OC next week and will be happy to meet you and talk possibilities.  I have a couple of ideas of my own as well that I think may fly with MHPs.  If Jefferson or Brad were to arrange a dinner, or a meet and greet or whatever, I would definitely be there.   Currently, I work at a medium sized hospital med center complex in OC but will give that up by mid year in favor of other work known as retirement.
My plan for the BC is to learn as much as possible in the 3 days allotted.  I’ve been reading, and occasionally posting, on the forum for just shy of a year and have learned a ton already.  Ok, so maybe it’s only 1987 pounds. 
Also very informative is Frank and Dave’s book The 10/20 Investing Method.  Not only is it hugely informative, but also quite entertaining as well.  It should be required reading before putting a single dime into any MHP.  There is a mine field element to MHP investing, one message I got from their book, but with the right plan it should be sunny skies and clear sailing.
Jim Allen