OMG...MHM was

AMAZING (to use one of Corey’s favorite words). I am exhausted and jet lagged but I had to thank Steve Case, Sarah Case, Corey, Blake, Lonnie and Joanne, Fred Balke, Carrie, all of the speakers, round tablers, and all of the other folks that made this a life memory event for me.

Once in a blue moon I get so overloaded (and overwhelmed) that I am speechless (and writeless…is that a word Anne?)

Greg Meade

I think Coreys favorite word is “puuurfect”…

But MHM was good, picked up a few pointers

I second everything that Greg said, it was a terrific event. Even after years of attending RE events, this one had some speakers and ideas that were totally new to me. And the networking was, of course, fantastic.

Thanks to Corey, Steve, Blake, Sarah, Fred, Carrie and everyone who had a hand in bringing this wonderful event together. I’ll be at the next one for sure.

One thing about this event, for those who haven’t been to it before, it’s really about helping people do business. The focus was not on selling, it was on teaching and learning. That’s what makes this group so special.

Thanks to everyone!


[It was great to see you again, Greg!]

I really liked this seminar (my first REI seminar). For years I couldn’t find anyone who shared the same interests and desires to be financially independent and being optimistic at the same time.

Yes - I am looking forward next year - but this time to attend with deals under my belt.

Thanks MH gurus for sharing the knowledge. It was tactfully executed.

MHM 5 was AMAZING because of everybody attended. The energy and enthusiasm was just AWESOME! I can’t wait to hear about all the success stories!!!