Old Trailers

I have acquired a park with 11 old, abandoned trailers, at least 8 of these are beyond repair, in my opinion: mold, rotten subflooring, kitchen/bath shot (doors, drawers missing, broken frames, etc), anyone have experience on how to get these removed at little to no cost, or even better, have someone pay to get them. Thanks for your thoughts.

Goodwinj, my Husband and I purchased a MHP where we had 12 old, abandoned and condemned mobile homes removed.We are in South Carolina and found 4 options:1.)  Individual Scrap Mobile Home:  There are individuals who will scrap mobile homes for free if they are able to take the valuable parts and sell them.  The previous owners of our MHP did this and placed the unwanted debris on the road for the garbage men to haul away for free.  We tried this strategy and quickly found that because we were a LLC, then we were not allowed to have individuals do this for free.  The individuals had to be Licensed Contractors.  Also, the garbage men would not remove the unwanted debris, because we were a LLC.2.)  Contractor Scrap Mobile Home:  This was our second avenue.  We hired a Contractor to manually tear the Mobile Homes apart.  We had to pay the Contractor and then we had to pay to have a debris container (well several containers) to remove the unwanted debris.  This avenue was pretty pricey.3.)  Move Mobile Home:  This was our third avenue.  We had a licensed Mobile Home Mover move the Mobile Homes to their final resting spot…the dump.  This was our best option as all outside debris could be put inside the Mobile Home and hauled away at the same time.There were a couple of hiccups such as one Mobile Home frame was so rusted that it broke into two parts.  The now 2 mobile home parts had to be manually torn apart as they could not be physically ‘moved’ to the dump.4.)  Give Away:  There is another option that we did not try.This option is to give away the Mobile Homes for free.There are hunters out there that would be willing to take an old Mobile Home to use on their acreage.The problem is that they would still officially need a licensed mobile home mover to move the Mobile Home.We wish you the very best!

Rent a little tractor with a backhoe (Kubota B26) or a small excavator and have the trash company drop off a construction dumpster. It’ll cost you 300 bucks or so if you do the work yourself and get it cleaned up in a day. You could hire some cheap day laborers too.