Old park

I’m looking at a park that was built in 1900.  It is on well and septic.  A new well was drilled in 2011 and the septic tanks have been replaced with steel ones.  What are my infrastructure concerns as far as water pipes, sewage and the like from a park built over 100 years ago?

The MHP business did not exist in 1900.  The first ‘parks’ were travel trailer camp sites built in the 1920s.  Still, I’m sure it’s an old park.  You have a lot of concerns on old parks.  I’d budget $150/pad/year for CAPEX, plus you’ll have a lot of sewer unstops (RotoRooter).  Call the existing plumber(s) that work on the park.  Ask them for their candid opinion (and billings to the park).  You would probably be best served by hiring a septic expert to assess the tanks and, more importantly, the lateral lines.But honestly, I’d just not buy this property.  Stick with MHPs on city water and sewer.To your continued success,-jl-

Really old parks often have more problems than just the utility lines. How big are the lots? Do you have master-metered gas or electric? What’s the current lot rent and occupancy. You’ll have to have everything else strong in order to buy a park on well and septic (think Location, Location, Location).

Thanks so much for the advice.  It is appreciated.

Metal tanks are unacceptable, period. They will rust out at the normal water level in the tanks and collapse from the top–maybe 20 years life depending on the soil ph. Why do people want to buy trouble???