Oil Field Mobile Home Parks

Friends -

I’ve been approached by an investment group interested in building mobile home parks in the oil fields (Eagle Ford in TX in particular, but also open to construction in the Bakken in ND).

They have contacts in the oil field services companies, and feel rents for single-wides on year-long corporate contracts would approximate $2,000/month.

Has anyone experience with constructing these sorts of ‘man camps?’ Why aren’t other people already building such properties?

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I have a close friend that has land under contract up there, and has for quite a while. The process of getting the sites passed locally and on the state level take some time, especially on the matter of utilities. The rest of the challenge is, energy development areas boom and then- settle or bust. So financing is no easy feat…

Jim -

Would you mind putting me in touch with your friend?

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I sent you and email, with a cc to my friend…