Ohio Water and Sewer Operators

Anyone have recommendations on a licensed water and sewer operator that covers northwest ohio.

Park 1 Class1 Public Water 3 visits per week. Weekly iron manganese testing.
Park Wastewater 2x per week, quarterly sampling and testing. Monthly reporting for wastewater treatment.

Park 2 Class A public water system. Weekly iron testing, weekly field total hardness testing, coliform testing.

Our park manager does the testing.

I’m not sure about Ohio, but in Oklahoma, DEQ kept a list of all licensed operators on their state web site. You could find operators, contact info, their license categories, and license class, and sort by county, etc. Obviously, finding on that is close to you would be the cheapest route. For our park I went to the classes and got certified to do the sample pulling myself. I would then have them sent to a testing facility who would return reports as completed. Another thought would be that you could contact nearby parks to ask who they use.

The state of Ohio keeps a list of all licensed professionals. It might be the department of professional licensing under Department of Commerce. If you go to the website, you can search for all the active licensed professionals in the state for whichever license interest you.