Ohio park owners, do you belong to OMHA?

I considering joining the Ohio Manufactures Housing Association.

Is anyone a member and do you feel the dues are worth it? What member benefits do you use?

I would be joining primarily to make sure my park rules, leases etc. are up to par.

Also wondering if they have any recommendations concerning the Safe Act.


If your only goal is to do that, I would just apply to be a resident at a park where a REIT is the owner in your state. Pick and choose the things they are doing that you like and cross reference it against the landlord/tenant handbook for Ohio. If you still have any other questions, then you can usually just call up the state MHA and they will typically answer the question for you. I’ve gotten a lot of free information through state MHA’s just by calling and asking.

Great idea Charles.

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We have OMHA membership and the office staff is very good. This is the only MHA that provides attorney help for free for members.

Personally we are very happy with OMHA and would recommend them.

I’ve gotten tons of free legal help from FMHA and I’m not even a member yet.

There are other state association providing attorney help, but that is rapidly going away because of association liability. The recommendation among the Exec group is to discontinue supplying forms and direct legal help.

Ohio has a more or less dedicated attorney available to the members. Other than WMA, I believe most state associations are going to do less and less in the way of legal forms and legal advice. For one thing, many are interested in answers to federal regulatory law (SAFE Act, Dodd-Frank, and many others) and most of the attorneys available to state associations are not qualified in these areas. Several states, including Ohio, have been embarrassed by incorrect pronouncements by their association attorneys over the last several years. The Texas association hired a Washington DC attorney for help on these issues, but they have discontinued that because of the costs.

I believe in the value of state associations. I am the Chairman of the Illinois association. I do believe their greatest value is in protecting the members from negative legislation and proposing positive legislation. The second great value is to be a source of information and the chance to network at meetings with other community owners and others in the industry.