Off Market:Small Kentucky Park For Sale: 30 spaces : Suggested Price (make your own offer) 850k, owner finance 650k @6.5%, for 3 years (30K finders fee at closing)

Project Overview and Plan:

30 Total spaces:

25 park owned homes:

16 occupied, 9 vacant

3 Tenant owned homes

2 vacant lots (1 may be too small for a home)

Overview of income and expenses:

gross income: $108,108 expenses : $64,500
Net income: $43,608

Estimated Numbers after plan completion:

estimated capital needs for complete project $135,000($175k with overages)
Projected gross: $172,908 Projected expenses: $78,600
Projected net cashflow $52,068

                                                                            Cap Rate 9.5%

$94,038 divided by 985,000 (price and capital needs)=9.5

  (not Including a 30k finders fee to me at closing)

Cash on cash: 15.5%

52,068 (net c.flow) divided by 335,000 (down and capital) = 15.5% (not including finders fee)

For location details , and any more questions.

Thanks for your interest fellow Investors.

Have a happy and Safe Independance day!

Dan Greenberger
DLG Properties,LLC