Off Market MHP in Little Rock , Arkansas with 2 SFR homes. -- $725,000

Off Market deal, please reach out at 330.789.2556 with any questions.

Price is $725,000 including my fee

Property Description: The 7-acre mobile home park with 29 income-producing spots comprised of 27 mobile home spaces and 2 stick built homes. The property is located within the city limits of Little Rock, AR, less than 2 miles from Interstate 30 and within 5 minutes of the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.

Zoning: The property is zoned C3 with a conditional use granted by the City of Little Rock for use as a mobile home park. The C3 zoning is categorized as a “General Commercial District” which means the property can be used for development of a broad range of general sales and service uses. This is an attractive aspect of the property for potential future development projects.

Property Composition:

Total income producing spots: 29

Total POH: 24 - 19 of the 24 are currently rented

Total TOH: 5

Total stick built properties: 2

Total vacant POH: 3. All of them need to be rehabbed. 5K-7K will get them each rentable again

Total rents are $10,600 monthly. Potential rents could be $12,545 once the vacant POHs are rented out
Total monthly expenses $2751. This includes insurance, property management of 10%, monthly repairs of $500, etc.

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Send me info please to

I would like more info on this property please.

We would like more information on this property please.
Thank you!

Is this property still for sale? DanCan

This has been assigned.

Do you still have the OK park. I am an accredited investor. I appreciate your follow up. I realize by your posts you are busy.
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I am interested could you please send me some more information ,