Now Forming Mastermind Group - seeking members

I am seeking a small group of professional mobile home park operators to participate in a recurring virtual Mastermind group related to the business. The concept of a mastermind group was developed by Napoleon Hill in 1925 with the “coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” Basically, it is a peer-to-peer coaching session.

While the agenda has yet to be finalized, it is anticipated that the format would be a weekly or monthly video conference. Additionally, there may be in-person meetings once or twice per year to help foster great relationships – maybe coinciding with the annual MHI convention.

Sample Weekly Agenda:
0 to 15 minutes: round robin discussion of what went well since last meeting
15 to 55 minutes: hotseat – 1 member raises a topic and the rest of the group provides comments
55 to 60 minutes: closing remarks.

Ideally, the group would be comprised of operators who are at similar levels of scale and experience. That way, we can all contribute equally without some providing most of the advice but receiving little in return. If you are interested in being a member, please message me with the following information:

  1. How many parks you own
  2. How many units you manage
  3. 2 or 3 sample topics that you would like to be part of a hotseat discussion
  4. Your ability to commit to regular meetings whether weekly or monthly.
  5. Any other basic information about yourself (career, background, etc.)