Notice of water cost

We’re about to submeter our small park for water. Once my manager reads the meter and does the calculation, what would be a good way to notify the tenant as to how much to add to that month’s rent payment? I don’t think I can put a slip of paper in their mailboxes; they’re locked with no slot.

Any thoughts? How are y’all doing it without using a third party service?

If they do not have mail boxes that you would use for notices to tenants you should send it to each resident by regular mail. All communication with residents should be either by regular or registered mail.

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Agree with Greg on this one. I would also add that you should include the rent amount on the invoice. When we first started billing water, we didn’t do this and it caused many of the tenants to pay with multiple money orders and checks because they weren’t particularly good at math. Made the bookkeeping a little arduous that month.

Check with your state to see if you can build in an admin fee to cover your stamps, envelopes, printing supplies and time. We operate in states that allow this and we charge a small admin fee to cover the additional costs.

Be sure that your manager is capable of compiling to all of the local and state utility regulatory requirements prior to billing your tenants. Depending on the size of the park, a third party sub-metering service maybe less of liability and also more economical.

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Or email me at any time for information on Sub-metering.

Is Ohio one of your states? Anyone happen to have a link for Ohio reg requirements?

We don’t do business in Ohio (not for lack of trying). I have no knowledge of what they are doing. You may want to send an email to Frank though. Last three emails elevation capital sent indicated that F&D are doing a lot of deals in that state.

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Elevation capital? How can I get on that email list? I’ll be needing a loan in a couple of years and would like to start a relationship early.

Ohio allows sub-metering, however the landlord can not make a profit on the water and or sewer. That includes charging a billing fee, however if a third party provides the service a “reasonable” billing fee is allowed. Please note, OHIO’s Public Utilities Commission has been scrutinizing sub-metered utilities that are charging more than their costs: Specifically electric sub-metering. Overall the PUC is reviewing all sub-metering services.

You may want to limit your liability by using a third party service.

Dan Helton
Southern Water Management