Note for Sale. $25,176 Current Principal Value, $370/month for 100 months

Friends -

We are selling our best Lonnie Deal note to pay property and income taxes. We’ve got 27 notes, and this is the last one that I would ‘want’ to sell, but I want this transaction to go well as many of you are my friends, so I’m offering this one for sale.


  • 1995 Oakwood 16x68 2/2. Immaculate condition.

  • $29,900 original face value

  • 9.66% interest

  • This is the note on my co-manager’s home. She’s made 20 payments in a row on-time. She even pre-paid one month last year.

  • She has a very stable job with the local school district (cafeteria manager)

  • It’s a 10-year note (120 months total) so there are 100 months remaining, counting her February payment due in a few days

  • Her parents, daughter, and grand-daughter all live in our community. There is very little chance this lady will ‘skip out.’ She’s married and her husband also has stable employment with the local government (courthouse maintenance man).

  • If there is a payment problem with this resident, I’ll get the home re-sold for you, and I’ll service the note (unless you’d rather do it yourself).

Please contact me if you’d like more details or to make an offer.

Many thanks,