Non renewal of sub leases

Iam planning on not renewing leases to the owner that sub leases three trailers in the park iam buying.I dont want to loose trailers although two of the three are old and rough and I think for the benifet of the park I should have him remove the two.The other one is’nt bad and would like to see it stay.What happens if he dosent remove them?I dont want to be stuck with the trailers and have to demo them.What problems will I likely be dealing with?

Are you able legally to not renew without cause in your state.

Iam looking at the mha web site and trying to find out.I going to talk to a lawyer before I take over and make sure I do everything legally.Iam just not really wanting sub leaseing in the park.People that will rent these trailers dont really seem to care much about the property.With that said there will most likely be rules they will break and I will have to evict.I just want to save for the hassle latter. I just want to post the question and see what people have to say.Iam in Texas.

I am in 100% agreement regarding sub letting, zero pride of ownership from the owners or sub tenants.

I had a couple in my community when I purchased it and managed to force them out simply by making life difficult for the owners. With strict park rules I found that sub tenants, having no pride of ownership, did not conform. As a result I was continually sending notices to the owner of the home to shape up and have their property conform to park standards - cut the grass, tend the gardens, tidy up the yard etc. These notices, including eviction notices, were always sent to the homeowner not the sub tenants as I held the owners responsible for their own tenants. The owners quickly learned that renting out a mobile home in my community was not going to be a free ride.

In addition because sub tenants in mobile homes are generally the bottom rung I was able, as the park owner, to deny every sub lease applicant they offered up. As a result within 2 years they had both sold their homes to buyers that I approved.