Non-complying/unpaid owner-occupant unit

I have a owner-occupied renter who is 4 months in arrears and do not know the best course of action for collection. County tells me that I can move the unit somewhere else on property, but that is expensive and still does not prevent the unit’s owner from moving the unit off my park. Any way to block the unit? I understand that now the units can be moved from the side, so putting cars in the front or back won’t necessarily work. Any suggestions to protect me from having the delinquent owner simply move it off my Georgia park? Phil

You should have evicted this idiot months ago. The assurance that he won’t move is that he can’t even afford your lot rent. Evict him, take the home back through abandoned property, renovate, and then resell. It’ll take some time, but 99% sure that home is not leaving.

Find out the requirement for demand notices in your state. In some states it’s a 3 day demand, and in some it’s a 10 day demand, and some states require both (like Texas). If he does not pay during the demand period, then file an eviction. Once you have the eviction you have to wait a couple days for the person to appeal (they never do because you have to post bond of the amount owed to appeal) and then get your Writ of Possession. Most tenants have run off already at that point. Once the home is vacant, check the title to see if there are any liens. If so, then send the lienholder a Possessory Lien Notice, which gives them 10 days to move out their home, or start paying rent. If no lien, then go to an abandoned property course of action through your attorney.

Never let a tenant live in your park without paying rent each month. We call it “no pay/no stay”. Wouldn’t probably change anything in this case except instead of the tenant being 4 months in arrears, they’d only be one.