No offense, dead website?

Hello Everyone!

First, let me say that I love looking through this website! There is a serious wealth of knowledge here and I have learned alot just from scanning the pages in here. I especially love the teleseminars, and I listen to them all the time.

With that in mind, I have a question about this website - Is this pretty much a dead website? And, believe me, please don’t take offense to this question, it’s just that I got interested in MH’s about two months ago, and this is one of the websites I found that had quite a bit of good info on it. The thing is, it doesn’t seem like it’s being updated anymore. There’s something about a bootcamp in Spring 2010, and there was one this fall? But I didn’t see that much info about it or when it was supposed to be. I would love to make it to some sort of MOM meeting or something like that, but I don’t see when or where they are. Am I missing something? Like I said, I’ve only been around here for about 2 months, so something might have happened before I got here.




To some extent I have to agree with you. Except for the forum section there has been no information in a year or so. Perhaps the economy has hit the website owners as hard as everyone else and they are out hustling their butts off in their “brick and mortar” or tin and dirt business. I know I have done a lot of soul searching about the (local) viability of this business in the last year. Lets hope for a renewed effort in 2010 otherwise your question may become an answer.


We’re all out working!

Skye: That you for getting this thread started . . . I thought I was the only one missing something. I know that having a working website is almost a full-time job; so I understand that things don’t get handled in a timely fashion.

But I, too, have been wanting to go to a workshop or seminar – I’ve been to just one, and it got me really enthused about the business. But when you go to the links on this site, it shows seminar dates from years ago. What good is that? And it has incomplete information about upcoming seminars – date, place, price, etc.

Note to the website boys: Please don’t take this as criticism, but simply a fact that I – and apparently many others like me – count on this site to start and build our business. I’ve found it incredibly useful over the past year.

I understand that everything in life is a function of time and money; and we never have enough of either one. It takes time and money to keep a website current. Just a plea to try to keep this one as valuable in the future as it has been in the past.


I will send a personal e-mail to Cory and Steve the owners of this web site to relay this message.

For those that are new to this business there is plenty of archived information to set you up and get you more than started.

If you have just started your education in real estate investing now is the time to jump. We are in a perfect storm and a buyers dream. But if you think you have found a good deal make it better and proceed with caution( words from a bottom feeder).

That is the advise I got from a billionaire Reit manager. Make your investment with a long range plan, because employment is still one of the main roots of our financial situation and you cant fix real estate without fixing employment.

Ask some good questions, and you’ll get some good answers.

I’ve never worked harder at this business than the last 18 months. I have a large portfolio of MH notes, and they need more hand-holding than ever which takes a lot of time.

The business is changing a lot with changes in the ways we advertise (internet versus more antiquated methods); changes in the rental market; changes in what is acceptable in a buyer (recent foreclosure or eviction no longer being the black mark it once was). I feel like I’m the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland: running hard to stay in place.

good luck,


Good morning, Skye,

You might find it interesting and informative to read the responses under the title “Where have all the writers (poosters) gone?” dated 05-08-09.

Read all the posts, and especially the last, written by John Hyre.

The MHU website is very much alive. It is just that the powerhouses are very occupied with their private and business lives as they perhaps reorganize and hunker to meet the challenges of the inevitable crisis (and opportunities)

that is/are still a ways from the bottom. It is a great time to learn and to prepare to be on the receiving side as the great transfer of wealth manifests itself.