No lease / Dealing with Tenant at Will

Closed on my park May 1st and had no leases on any of the tenants. I was able to secure leases on everyone except one. Day one of taking over the non lease tenant told me he was going to be leaving. He paid me rent for May and here we are June and he has not paid for June nor left. I told him I would purchase his unit for $500 and that I would allow him to use my dumpster I have backed up to another unit for demo to clear his unit out. I gave him till the 28th of his month to complete his move and I would give him his check for the amount of $300. $500 minus $200 lot rent. To date he has not made any progress with cleaning out his unit. The other side to this story is he has no running water or no electric in his unit by his choice. I feel he is going to force me to have him removed.

I’m contemplating my game plan for the 28th that he will not pay rent. Being that he does not have running water or electric, no water due to broken pipes and busted water heater, I’m thinking to push for unhealthy living conditions to move him out, he has lived this way for almost 5 years per other tenants. The other option is just go through the regular eviction process. I’m going to consult my attorney but wanted to see what you guys who have dealt with this issue have done. Any and all advice is much appreciated.

File to evict on the 29th. Try what ever other approach you may choose but make sure the eviction is filed promptly as a back up and to collect all rent and late fees owed.
You should have a signed letter showing he agreed to leave by the 28th otherwise it is simply your word against his.
Protect yourself, file the eviction requesting payment for June and July come the first of the month including your late fees.

I would just do a standard eviction - it’s simple and straightforward. Bringing extra scrutiny on your park from the health inspector carries small risks and paints your park in a negative light should you have health related issues in the future.

@cablefed , as per your post:

  • “…non lease tenant told me he was going to be leaving. He paid me rent for May and here we are June and he has not paid for June nor left.”
  • “I gave him til the 28th of this month to complete his move…”

First of all “Congratulations” on your new Mobile Home Park!

As per your post if the Tenant has not moved by the morning of the 29th, do not pass go…do not collect $5000…wake up, check Tenant Status and immediately file a Non-Payment Eviction and then go through the Abandoned Mobile Home Process.

Do what you need to do…“Eviction & Abandoned Mobile Home Process”.

The Tenant will tell you all kinds of things…probably even the “Dog ate his rent” :slight_smile: .

However, you just need to focus on what you need to do…“No Pay…No Stay”.

We wish you the very best!

Yes… Congratulations on your first park. Try not to lose too much sleep on this one tenant… we have all had them. Just do as everyone suggests and start the eviction process. Be a steely eyed cowboy and get er done! No water and no power huh… that is something I have not experienced… must be an interesting character but does make me power and water should be mandated in my leases.