New Student Introduction

I’ve been a Firefighter/Paramedic in San Diego county for 10 years however I’ve always seen myself as an entrepreneur. Also, I’ve always had an affinity for real estate and finance. Currently, I own a 2 acre parcel in San Diego which includes 2 SFR’s and farming infrastructure. Additionally, I own a SFR in McCall, ID. About a year ago I decided to dive into commercial real estate investing and began learning as much as I possibly could. This ultimately led me to Frank Rolfe’s podcast and the mobile home space. Since then, I decided to focus mainly on MHPs and signed up for Frank and Dave’s MHP boot camp in Orange County, CA which is March 6-8 2020. As a means to increase capital I started a farming business last year specializing in microgreens. I’m really looking forward to meeting others on this forum and building lasting relationships with those that share my passion for this niche asset class!

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Good luck Brian! A ton to learn and Frank definitely has a formula for success. The free podcasts are a great place to start!

Thanks Jason! I’ve listened to all of Frank’s podcasts along with Jesfferson Lily’s and Kevin Bupp’s. I received my precourse work for the boot camp and immersed myself. Additionally I’ve listened to a lot of Michael Blank’s podcast on apartment syndication and recently purchased his deal analyzer so have been using it to evaluate properties- so fun! Along with understanding the numbers, I have a decent amount of capital and strong borrowing power if anyone might be looking for a GP. I’m new but love real estate and can definitely bring value to a partnership.

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Hi. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. I manage a MHP in N.C. (well, partially now). There is a lot to learn here, too.


Welcome to the forum and the crazy world of MPH

MHU great resource training
Love the micro greens :leafy_green: venture wow
Is this a green house ?
Marlene Thompson

Thanks all. Looking forward to learning a ton! @MorrisInvestments not a greenhouse. All indoor grown with lot’s of natural sunlight and some supplemental lighting. The micros are very delicate so that allows us to control all the conditions!