New resident buying new home and moving in... who pays for set up costs?

I have a gal that is buying a new home and will be putting it in my park. She found our park online, found her own home, and we approved her to move in. My question is, in a situation like this, who typically pays for the various costs that come with the set up (concrete pad, utility hook up, etc)?

I am also bringing in new homes to sell and all these set up costs will be rolled into the final price I charge. But this situation is different given she bought on her own from a dealer.

Do you typically pay for any set up costs or ask the resident to pay? It could take a year or more to break even on these costs from monthly lot rent… curious how people handle this situation. Thanks.

New resident pays for all our. We make friends with the local dealers so they know to roll the costs in the same way you would.

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We always pore the pad and parking spot and sidewalk if needed.

We will also help with utilities setup and maybe some of our employees labor in doing something like skirting, steps, or a deck.

Each situation is different and peoples needs vary, but we try to “assist” in the setup and help the new customer get situated within reason.

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I feel it is my responsibility to have the pad ready. A year and a half to recoup the cost is well worth the long- term gain of increased NOI not to mention the headaches of bringing in a new home. Big Picture.

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This varies by region. I have a park in Southern California, and the Dealer/Buyer is responsible for all pad improvements, including sidewalks, fences, and retaining walls. I also have a few Parks in Northern California where the Park does all the Pad prep, utility moving, fences, driveways, etc.

The responsibility of who does what varies significantly within a few hundred miles.

In California, we are not required to install concrete pads. We use about 6" of Road Base and compact it for the homesite.

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