New member! Looking for guidance

Hi everyone,

I am 22 years old and new to the mhp business. I currently have two single family rentals and have done a couple of flips, but looking to get into something with better returns and Stop fixing so many toilets! I’m interested in hearing what type of park I should be looking at for my first deal. I currently have $50,000 saved for a down payment. Id love to hear any and all advise that you guys and gals might have for me.


Best advice is start by reading every post on the forum. When you are done you will have all the advice you need.

And grab a copy of the MHU Due Diligence Manual and Home Study Course. They are the Bible for Mobile Home Park acquisition and ownership.

Thanks for your responses! I’ve already been reading the forums for two days and still haven’t put a dent in them. A lot of good information and wisdom, is written in these forums.