New member intro

Hi all! I’m a new member, located in southeastern Ontario, Canada. After 20 years of teaching, my wife and I are looking to buy our first mobile home park, likely in this area (i.e. in southeastern Ontario). We’re sure tempted by the US parks I see listed for sale on this site, but the cross-border tax situation is scary. Anyway, there is no network up here of mobile home park owners–no Ontario association that I know of–and real estate agents in our area have zero experience with buying and selling MHPs, so I feel pretty alone in trying to figure this business out. I have found the postings on this forum and Dave Reynolds’ book a great source of practical information.

One thing we’re realizing going forward is that the situation up here is quite different than in the USA. For starters, there just aren’t many parks on municipal water and sewer, so buying a park for us will mean a park in a rural area with its own water and spectic–the kind that Dave in his book rates as least desirable. Also, MHPs in Ontario are saddled with hefty water testing costs that owners pass on to renters (adding maybe $45 or $50 to monthly rent for each pad).

I see that there is at least one Ontario MHP owner on this forum, namely Greg. I’d sure like to hear about his experiences.