New list of Off market MHP's


Please include me on your list:


Thank you!


Please add me


Hi Michele. Where are your parks located? Please add me to your list:


Please include me



Hi Michele, I would like to be added to your email list. I am actively looking for parks. My email address is

Thank you, Mike Walsh
cell: 919-271-7441


Please send more details to


Yes, please.


No reply here I guess?


Please add me to your email list, .Thanks Badie (903-654-1739)


This will have a sad ending when the music stops. We will see all the 4 and 5 caps back on the market for double or triple that. Everything runs in cycles and MHPs are no different.


This is a long list of valuable info, but who knows what will materialize. Allegedly there’s a holdup in some of the paperwork. I did not ask to be added so i don’t know what others have received privately.

Did anyone receive anything of benefit from the OP? Not me.


add me!


Please add Gary Lyons, Liberty Bridge Capital, LLC.






Please add me also.



I’ve not received a reply or any information yet following my request and receipt of first email with the list.


I’ve been late to the party after too much time doing research but it’s good to know those in the industry feel the same way I do as an outsider trying to get in. The returns at these cap rates assume the only way to cash flow above a long term equity portfolio is with continuing economic improvement and rent increases. Right now even those without a high school diploma have unbelievable job prospects. It doesn’t make sense at these valuations. I know the best time to buy real estate was yesterday and the next best is today and I shouldn’t be that guy waiting for the economy to drop, but it just seems ridiculous. One park I was tracking in middle of nowhere Indiana went under contract at a real financials 6.5 cap… true it had city W/S and good collections, but the area it’s in will be crushed with an economic pull back.


Hi Rob and Chris, I’m looking for parks in Wyoming. Please email any info to Thank you!